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Townhall Event - is a format for business meetings within the organization where leadership share and exchange company's internal policies, results and achievements with the employees. And these meetings generally ends with question answers sessions and some entertainment.

Townhall Events, R& R Events
Townhall Events, R& R Events Planner & Organizer in Delhi Gurgaon NCR
Townhall Events, R& R Event Management Company

Purpose Of Townhall Meeting

The defined purpose of a townhall meeting is to allow:

  • Management to keep their team up to date on important information.
  • The team to ask questions of management and give their feedback.
  • Everyone to understand the goals and values of the organization

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How To Plan A Townhall Meeting?

Corporate townhall events are critical to maintain transparency within an organization, but are also an opportunity to leverage the 2+ hours of
undivided attention as an employee channel to build meaningful and positive experiences.

Here are few must do points for organizing a successful town hall.
  • Plan in Advance
  • Form A Committee
  • Send "Save A Date" Invite Well In Advance
  • Hire A Good Event Management Company
  • Locate A Good Venue
  • Leveraging The Latest Technologies
  • Plan R&R Ceremony

And according to time frame & preferences you may also include inviting a Corporate Speaker, Team Building Session, Rewards & Recognition Ceremony or Theme Entertainment etc.

Advantages of Townhall Meetings

  • Important Updates
  • Visible Leadership
  • Promote Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Employees Engagement
  • Raw Feedback

How We Can Help You ?

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Townhall Meeting Planner In Delhi Gurgaon NCR

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