The most important goal while organizing an event is to make guest experience more memorable and impressive. Even if you have already planned an incredible event, though incorporating latest event trends in your event planning is strongly recommended.
Event management is the most promising and evolving industry in India. Event Management is no longer just a task of arranging chairs and music system. Event management now is a specialized craft with right blend of designing innovation and implementing latest technologies.

Be it event designing, event decor, event styling, event engagement or event entertainment, incorporating latest event trends and technologies and some other brilliant event ideas in your event planning is demand of the time to plan an awesome event. Showmakerz is a renowned event management company in Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR, always a way ahead in delivering amazing and brilliant events. Here we present few of the latest cool event ideas for a brilliant event for your upcoming events....

Custom Event Apps

Business, personal and social responses have taken a new shift after the revolutionary entry of mobile phones in our lives. With every passing day number of apps are increasing at a tremendous rate, and we are acquiring them at a faster rate for every of our life purposes.

The event industry is no exception to it. The event apps are making things easier, quicker, more interactive to the event industry. The increase in the engagement of interactive mobile event apps has been emerging as one of the biggest event trends.

From conference planning, to venue booking to check-ins to live polling to content sharing, many efficient event apps are available in the play stores and you can also get a customize mobile app as per the demand of your event.

Photo Booth Engagement

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Photo Booth is a most engaging ideas in any corporate event. These days when taking selfies is a rage, everybody looks for a perfect background. And photo booth offers a perfect background with options of event branding.

A photo booth is a vending machine or modern kiosk that contains an automated, camera and film processor. Digital photo booth are also much in trends, where you can share your photo instantly over social media.

A well crafted photo booth is a most loved engagement components in any event. You can also check our top ideas for an attractive and engaging photo booth.

Event Decor & Styling

An event decor is the most noticeable element from the moment your guests enter the venue, before the other meaningful contents of an event.

From the entrance to event branding to centerpieces to fabrics to sitting layout to backdrop to every other event element together makes the event statement. Here are our top 10 event decoration ideas to wow your attendees at your next event.

Virtual Reality (VR)

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