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What Are Corporate Events ?

Corporate Events - are the events held by corporations or business houses for their clients, channel partners, suppliers, employees or stakeholders. These events can be for large audiences such as conventions and conferences, or smaller events such as incentive tours, product launches, dealers meet, gala dinner and corporate celebrations etc.

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What is Corporate Event Planning ?

Simply Put : Any event sponsored by a company that targets its channel partner, employees or clients can be classified as a Corporate Event. By holding corporate events organizations usually aim at promoting their product or services, entertaining their dealers or business associates or rewarding their employees or sales channels.

The process of planning and coordinating corporate events is usually referred to as corporate event planning and which can include conceptualizing, event designing, budgeting, venue sourcing, permissions, logistics, hospitality arranging for speakers or entertainers, printing, event production & décor, technical support, food & beverages, coordinating with third party vendors, and contingencies plans etc.

And the corporate event planner is the person who plans and executes these events, taking responsibility for the creative, technical, and logistical elements. This includes overall event design, brand building, marketing & communication strategy, audio-visual production, script writing, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, and client service.

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Conference, Meetings & Seminars

Organizations plan and hold these events with targeted audiences and share with them the relevant information. These events can also be used for the purpose of training, motivation or employees engagement.

Seminars are usually shorter events, lasting anywhere from a couple of hours to a few workdays. Conferences, on the other hand, typically have multiple sessions. They are usually held at hotels, beginning with a keynote session and then offering breakout sessions by topic. For a smooth glitch free event flow, companies often hire a professional conference management agency. And we are a corporate events planner organizer in Delhi Gurgaon NCR to take care of all your needs to organize a successful event.

Dealers Meet

Every business looks for strong dealers, sales partner & channel partners network. And to inspire , engage , motivate , entertain and reward them dealers meet event is the best format. Most of the time these events starts with welcome note by marketing head.

Sharing future business plans, introducing new product range and felicitating prominent dealers are some other agendas of dealers meet events. These events often ends with live entertainment and cocktail dinner.

Gala Dinner Nights

Gala dinner events generally are causal in format. These events are opportunity to mingle with your colleagues, business partners or employees. Careful planning of a gala dinner event can serve many purpose like rewarding your business partners or employees, announcing a major break-through, celebrating special landmark etc.

They are an opportunity to align your brand more closely with attendees and communicate a message. Hiring an experienced gala dinner event managers is a brilliant Idea for a spectacular night.

Awards Night

Awards ceremonies events serves multiple purposes. Corporate organize awards night events to recognize & reward their employees, business houses organize award nights to recognize achievements across several categories and to motivate their sales and marketing team.

Businesses also regularly sponsor industry awards to promote their business, improve their reputation and increase brand awareness. Community awards night and fund raiser events are also in practice. Nearly all the services of organizing an exciting awards night event has carefully been taken care by an efficient awards night organizer.

Incentive Tours / Offsite

Incentive programs most commonly targeted at employees & resellers. The most obvious purposes behind these events are motivation and engagement. They may start with a sales conference, in which the sales messages and targets are communicated to the audience and allows them the opportunity to learn more about the business and the products or services.

Most of the time these events are linked with excursions & team building programs. When these incentive tours are purposely designed for corporate employees or for a particular team, they are more commonly known as corporate offsite.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organization to give their best each day. Engaged employees are perceived to form a part of an organization’s brand and an engaged, happy workforce can have a knock-on effect on customer retention, recruitment of key talent and the ability to attract new customers in a world where a company's values are crucial to the consumers.

Your HR function is essential in defining and planning an employee engagement strategy that aligns with your organization’s goals. And we are here to offload all your pressure of managing inspiring & engaging employee engagement events.

And many more... infect corporate events offer every service required to implement marketing & engagement plans of businesses & corporate.

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