Engaging your employees and creating experience for them is a very important task for building an awesome annual day event.

The benefits of a well-executed Annual Party Event are numerous like ice breaking, higher morale, fun, the pride of place, party, a chance to mingle, make new friends etc. All of this contributes to higher engagement and better long-term productivity. However, it is important to do it right and do it well.

There are three secrets to making an annual day event memorable; the first scintillating décor & set up, second is great entertainment and third one is delicious food & service.

Before planning for your next annual day event, please understand that annual day is not a one day event. It is a series of many small events like creating pre event hype, rehearsals and post event activities etc. If you are hunting for new ideas to make your corporate annual party celebration extraordinary, here are few unique & winning top ideas for annual party event which your employees and the guests will love!

1. Select a new theme

Annual Day Theme planner Company In Delhi Gurgaon NCR

To ensure your guests have a great time at your event, add an awesome theme. Themes make your party ten times more interesting and it helps to keep everything together. The current trend is to add a theme Bollywood Night or Club Night. To add uniqueness, you can try the 80’s Retro or Casino Night.

The annual party day event is the most special event in the company. Annual day recognizes the achievements of the individual and the team. What better then to celebrate this in much stylish and gala way. Presenting here the Top Ten Theme Ideas For Annual Party Themes

2. Organize pre-event-hype activities

Creating pre event hype is equally important as planning for the event to build the excitement and to ensure the maximum attendance .

From running a teaser campaigns, to organize small live interactions in the cafeteria, to create exciting blog posts, to video teasers, to theme decor touch up in workplace etc.. opportunities are many. And since annual day is a pre announced event, we can use time closing to the event as a dedicated period to organize pre event hype activities.

3. Get creative & engaging ideas

An idea doesn’t cost anything. Creative ideas can be engaging as well as exciting which can make your party forever memorable. You can have digital graffiti, crazy live quiz etc.. Incorporating CSR causes like selection of green plants as free goodies, calling specially able groups to perform for a fees etc can be a one option.

You may bring a dance instructor . Who can come in for an hour for three four days or so prior to the main event and teach group dance to get everyone pumped up. He or she will take care of synchronized music , costumes and props etc and will present a gala show on the day of event.

4. DIY photo booth

Annual Day Theme planner Company In Delhi Gurgaon NCR

Whatever be the occasion, whatever be the event, engaging "instagramable" photo booth are much in demand. If you are planning to host an Annual Party Gala, don't forget to include photo booth in your checklist.

Picking up some props from a local party store to inspire hilarious poses require least of efforts and contribute much to lift the spirit of your event. Novelty hats, fake mustaches, fake lips, bollywood quotes and colorful wigs are all good bets. Let your guests step into the photo booth, grab some props, strike some poses and say cheese! Branding the prints and making funny props or backdrops can also add some fun.

Photo Booth / Photo Ops creates an excellent opportunity to create memories of your special day. Please Check here Top Photobooth Ideas For Annual Party Events

5. Office talent show

Everyone loves a talent show and when performers are your colleagues, it is more fun. The only thing more fun than watching one is participating. The feeling one gets when the audience applauds is one of validation for one’s efforts and provides a sense of elation found nowhere else.

Get your employees excited by hosting a corporate talent show. This will be a great opportunity for them to share their talents, enjoy the moment and build their team spirit.

Annual Day event ideas for an awesome event

Liven up your event, get your employees excited by hosting a funny corporate talent show. This event will give employees and management an opportunity to share their talents, enjoy laughs and build their team spirit. karaoke show, fashion show,musical performances and corporate skits are few favorite talent shows.

If you are looking to organize a annual day party celebration and more ideas for annual party celebration, please feel free to CONTACT US for free suggestions, complete event planning and cost estimation.