If you keep organizing events for your company, year after years, you may run out of ideas. But at Showmakerz, we keep suggesting and experimenting with innovative ideas so that we can always deliver fresh and exciting events

An event decor is the most noticeable element from the moment your guests enter the event venue. Before the other meaningful contents of an event, event decor is the most responsible element which can make or spoil your event from the starting. Here we present you top ten ideas for design & decor for corporate events

1. Creative Layout

event design & decor ideas
Utilizing the best optimum use of your event space is the best design idea for any event.

When you go into your venue for the first time, try to brainstorm creative ideas on how the space can be best utilized. Sometimes the conventional layouts leave a lot to be desired and with a little creativity you can greatly improve the design of your event. Something as small as moving the tables into a unique shape, or using a stage or riser in a creative way can draw your audience's attention and set your event apart from the rest.

Providing a variety of spaces, such as traditional tables and high tops along with more casual seating such as couches gives your guests options and provide many different areas to have conversations and enjoy the event.

2. Grand Entrance

event design & decor ideas
It’s important to start your event off on the right foot. You want your attendees to be excited and impressed from the very first moment they arrive.

Your attendees first impression will set the tone for the rest of the event. With the grand entrances, you can make that impression a great one and start your event off on the right foot!

Always be sure your event entrance matches the theme and tone of your event. There are so many grand entrance ideas, but it’s key that you match your event style. If you are having a tech conference an all floral entryway may not make as much sense as an well branded LED lit pathway. If it’s a smaller low key event, then a red carpet might not be your best bet. Always think of your overall theme and match your guest expectations with the purpose of event.

3. Unique sitting

unique furniture for events

Arranging sitting in an unique way is an opportunity to create lot of space and ease for the guests. Statement seating according to event format is very much desirable. Mix sittings as square dining tables for dining areas , plenty of bar tables for drinks and food plates, modular furniture such as lounge sofas and bean bags to fit any patio, lawn or pool deck.

Though the thumb rule for Indian wedding ceremonies is to have sitting around forty percent of total expected numbers of guests but always be sure to have more than enough sitting for guests to casually network while they eat and drink. Guests should never have to wander, wanting for a place to settle.

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